Unicorn ni Notte (2022)

Unicorn ni Notte (2022)

Other name: ユニコーンに乗って Yunikon ni Notte Riding a Unicorn


When Narukawa Sana was only 23-years-old, she co-founded startup company Dream Pony. The company’s product is an education app. Her dream was to have people all over the world use her app. Now, Narukawa Sana is 26-years-old. Her company is in its 3rd year of existence. The company grew rapidly initially, but is now experiencing a decline in its growth. Due to the slowdown, Narukawa Sana feels nervous everyday. In her personal life, she has feelings for Suzaki Ko, who is a co-founder of Dream Pony. He is unaware of her personal feelings for him.

Director: Director: Aoyama Takahiro [青山貴洋]


Status: Ongoing

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